Practical advice for new parents
Perhaps the pregnancy was planned, perhaps it wasn’t. Perhaps it happened quickly, or perhaps you tried for a very long time to get pregnant. No matter what, becoming a parent is probably one of the most life-changing events that a man or a woman can go through – no matter how prepared you think you are. Suddenly it’s not just about you, it’s about your child. Suddenly the freedoms and choices that you had and could make are now compromised. Suddenly you start to look at the world a little differently. And it’s all because you’re suddenly a parent.

It’s not easy being a new parent, and there is a lot to learn. Many first time parents think that they should naturally know how to cope with everything a newborn can throw at them, but that’s expecting too much. While many aspects of parenting will come naturally (and you might be surprised at just how much you do know), there is also a steep learning curve to negotiate. As your baby grows and develops, so will you as a parent. As time goes on you’ll become more and more comfortable in your role as a parent and, eventually, you’ll wonder if it had always felt so natural.

It’s often said that babies don’t come with instruction manuals, and many new parents suddenly find that taking care of a newborn baby is full of anxieties, frustrations, joys and questions. Hopefully, some of the questions can be answered here.

How to Ease Teething Troubles

When born, most babies have a set of teeth that are already formed but are not yet visible. These are called the primary (or baby) teeth, and they will, in time, break through the gums of your baby and become visible. It is this process which is referred to as teething,... Read More >>

All About Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins
During a pregnancy the intake of certain vitamins and minerals increases substantially. Because of this most health care providers recommend that prenatal vitamins are taken through the course of a pregnancy along with eating a well-balanced diet. Some nutrients that are provided in these supplements are particularly important for the proper growth and development of a baby, for example calcium,...Read More >>

Should You Breast Feed or Bottle Feed?

To breastfeed your baby or not. Most women probably have very definitive views on the merits and benefits of breast feeding a baby vs bottle feeding, and many women will likely have been influenced by what they have seen and read, by their culture and undoubtedly by their family and friends. The...Read More >>

Take Steps to Prevent Diaper Rash

Diaper rash refers to the redness and sometimes flaking of your baby’s skin due to the constant rubbing of the diaper (or its contents) against the skin. Most babies will develop diaper rash to one degree or another at some stage, but diaper rash tends to be more prevalent in babies under one...Read More >>

What Color Will Your Baby's Eyes Be?

One of the most often asked questions parents have concerning the appearance of their baby is ‘What color will my baby’s eyes be?’. The answer is far from simple as it generally lies in a complicated recipe of genes and hereditary factors which geneticists even today still don’t fully...Read More >>

10 Tips to a Better Night's Sleep

Better Sleep
Every new parent knows the trials and tribulations that come with having to adjust to ‘baby time’. Meaningful sleep is often measured in minutes rather than hours, and you witness, first-hand, hours of the night you haven’t seen since you were footloose and carefree (which, if you're reading...Read More >>