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Finding just the right name for your baby can be difficult enough when only one parent decides, but when both parents need to agree, sometimes 9 months just isn't long enough.

To help you in your search for that perfect baby name we've put together a list of websites that offer something just a little different - more than just the basic 'top 100 baby names'. Of course, if you know of any baby name resources (different, unique) that should be on this list, please let us know.

U.S. Baby Names Statistics
Comprehensive database of information on U.S. baby names from 1880 onward. Includes top 100 baby names for each year, the most popular baby names by state, and even the top 1000 baby names for each decade. You'll find the baby name statistics on this site are used by most of the other baby name websites you'll come across.

Baby Name Voyager
Extremely addictive graphical representation of U.S. babies names and their changing popularity over the last hundred years or so. Type in a girl's name or boy's name and watch a graph pop up showing the popularity of the name over the years.

Baby Names World
Over 11,000 baby names in a searchable database. Includes a star rating to show the most popular baby names, as well as providing meanings (where known) to many of the baby names listed. Provides a service where you can add baby names to a favourites list so you can keep browsing more possible names for your baby and come back to your favourite names later.

Alfabette Zoop
Deserves a listing just for the name of the site itself, but here you can look up the meaning of many, many names. If you have a particular baby&'s name in mind, you might want to check here first.

Baby Name Source
One interesting feature of this baby name database is the ability to search backwards from the meaning of a name. For example, if you're looking for a baby name that means 'ruler', simply type it in and up comes a list of baby names for that meaning.

Behind the Name
Good, comprehensive listing of many names from many nationalities, and gives the meaning and origins of the names. Has many other sections also where you can see the top baby names from various countries, as well as other interesting information on names. There is also a listing of possible baby names for twins.