Practical advice for new parents

Tips for New Parents

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Suddenly you're a parent and life takes on a whole new set of challenges! Here are a selection of tips for new parents that hopefully will make life just a little bit easier. We'd love to hear of any suggestions of your own that we haven't listed, so if you have a tip for new parents that you'd like to share please make sure to drop us a note.
  • Keep a diaper bag ready stocked and leave it in your car (or have it ready to go). As soon as you come home again, restock it (so you don't have to do it in a rush next time you go out).

  • Buy extra dummies/pacifiers and keep them in strategic locations (i.e. keep one spare in the car, tie one to the pram/stroller, etc.)

  • Always stay one packet of diapers and wipes ahead. When you first start buying them, buy two packets of each. Once the first packet is gone, buy another one, so that you always, always, have one packet.

  • Keep an eye out for special deals on items like diapers and wipes, and buy in bulk when possible. Keep in mind your baby will grow out of diaper sizes quickly, so don't buy too many ahead of schedule.

  • Keep a small basket or container in the car for all of your baby's things so you can keep them all in one place and makes for easier cleaning if you have to de-baby your car quickly.

  • If you can afford it, buy a baby car seat that clips in and out from a base unit that is permanently anchored to the seat. It makes life much easier.

  • Be practical over fashionable. Buy all socks of the same color, so you'll never have to worry about losing one of them.

  • Clip fingernails and toenails while the baby is sleeping. Much easier for all concerned.

  • Ice cube trays make are fantastic for freezing baby-sized portions of food for your baby.

  • Buy three or four feeding bottles so that you'll always have a clean one on hand in emergencies.

  • Add at least 15 minutes to every journey if travelling with baby

  • If you find you spend much time over at another persons house (like grandparents for example), you might want to consider buying cheap second hand equipment to leave there (like feeding chairs, etc.) so that you don't have to keep carrying the equipment with you. It's especially handy to leave diapers, pacifiers, and bottles there.

  • Use the net to find coupons for discounted baby supplies. There are plenty of sites around, and every bit of money saved helps.